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Keeping Older People In The Loop

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THE importance of providing information to older people to ensure they are claiming and in receipt of their entitlements cannot be over-emphasised.

That is according to Paul Woulfe, manager with the countywide Citizens’ Information Service, at the launch of a new information booklet for older people.

“This publication, which has been updated to take into account a number of changes in various schemes and services, has proven very popular with organisations and general public. The information book, which is mainly for people aged 60 and over, will also be of interest to anyone who is thinking about early retirement,” said Mr Woulfe.

He outlined that the booklet aims to explain, as clearly and as simply as possible, the various cash payments and other services available to people over 60. It is available in large print format, in Braille, on audiotape or on floppy disc upon request from any Citizens’ Information Centre.

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