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October 2018
FAQ about Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney puts a plan in place to make decisions efficiently and avoids acrimony or interference at a time you are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, mental incapacity arises, but planning for it ensures there is a designated person appointed to care for you and make the health and financial decisions if you deemed mentally incapable....
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Making a Will for Love, Marriage & Divorce
Selecting a venue, wedding menu tastings and making a will, they should all go hand in hand. Marriage is a significant event. While practical considerations are not the main reason most people get married, it’s almost as important to consider these as it is to take into account the more emotional, heartfelt side of the...
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6 Commandments of Wills
Follow the Commandments of Wills If you think it’s just about making wills and dividing up what you own between your family, you are mistaken; it’s about protecting the next generation of family relationships, ensuring clarity, supporting family harmony and avoiding acrimony within your family after you are gone. THOU SHALT UNDERSTAND A WILL CAN BE...
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7 Reasons to Update Your Will
Why should I update my will? The most common reasons to update your will is an increase or decrease in the value of assets and the sale or purchase of assets, but there are many other factors that can impact the relevancy of your will. Statistically, it has been reported that preparation of wills and...
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